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Published on: August 22, 2023

Squeaky Clean Vs Foaming Forever!

Just like personality, taste in music and cuisine… every body has different skin! People with dry skin need soap that is moisturising and vice versa! If you have greasy skin you will want a soap that removes and absorbs excess oils from your skin. It is important that you find the right kind of soap for your skin.

In developing our range of handmade soaps with some of the UK’s leading artisan soap makers, we have discovered a phenomenon which we refer to as the “Squeaky Clean feel”. When you finish washing bar soap off your skin all of a sudden becomes “grippy”. Not everybody experiences this, but some do (especially those with sensitive skin). And those who do, some like it, and some don’t!

From our research we have learned that this phenomenon is down to the type of water you have in your area. We are in an area of the country which has very hard water. Hard water, as opposed to soft water, is the presence of more calcium and magnesium in the water supply. This is why there are water softeners on the market. Softening means that you are filtering out the minerals. This has both its benefits and downfalls.

What we have learned is that the scale of soft to hard means the difference between really foamy soap and really squeaky clean soap. It is all about how the water reacts with your soap and your skin. If you have very soft water you may find that soaps foam up really easily and hugely. So much that when you are washing it off, it will feel like you are washing the soap off for ages, but it seems like it is never ending.

With hard water, the foaming and lathering of the soap is still completely adequate. But when you are washing the soap off the magnesium and calcium help the soap clean your skin of all the dirt and grease making the soap a mega efficient. As a result right at the end your skin feels “squeaky clean” until you dry yourself off. That is why the terms squeaky clean exists!

So our Squeaky Clean Vs Foaming Forever conclusion is that you must find the right soap that suits your skin, and also establish the water type you are using to wash or bathe in as it will effect how the soap feels on your skin! Some like it soft and some like it hard!! Oh er!

To discover what type of water is supplied in your area, click here.

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