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How does it work?

Earn points from your purchases, refer your friends and earn points from their purchases and then earn points from the purchases of the friends that your friends refer!
Refer enough people and you could be earning a free supply of wax melts and candles at the very least!
Save up £200 worth of points and we will pay it to you cash direct to your Bank Account!
How much is a point worth?

1 point = 1 penny
How can I earn points?

Points are awarded per full £1 spent on the website. You earn different amounts of points for different things. Here is how you can earn points and how many points you will get.
Making a purchase: 5 points per £1 spent.
Referral purchase: 2 points per £1 spent.
Referrals Referral Purchase: 1 points per £1 spent.
Monthly email link share: 50 bonus points.
Also watch out for special offers where you can earn double points or even triple points!

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