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You can earn points to spend on our website or you can turn your points into cold hard cash! So not to mislead you, we are not talking millions here. This scheme is in no way intended as a source of regular income unless you are an active wholesale customer.

There are 4 ways to earn Pick n Melt Points.

Placing an order – Every time you place an order you are awarded points at the rate of 5 points for every £1 you spend.

Referring a customer – If a customer you refer places an order you are also awarded 5 points from every £1 they spend! Forever!

Your referrals customers – If a referral of a customer you have referred places an order you will be awarded 2 points for every £1 they spend. Also forever!

Sharing and Competitions – Sign up to our monthly news letter to receive special offers and rewards for link sharing. You can earn points for sharing links and you could be a lucky winner of points to use on the website.

So how do you refer customers? Below you can create your custom Pick n Melt link and then share it to your friends and families. When someone clicks on your link it holds cookies for 30 days assigning that person to your account, forever!

How much is point worth? For retail customers 1 point is equal to 1p. When a customer is assigned to your account, you will receive 5% of everything they order. If they refer a friend you will receive 2% of all they spend too. If you recommend 10 people who place an order and they all recommended 10 people with everyone recommended spending £30 each, you would earn £15.00 from your 10 referrals. and £60 from the 100 people your friends referred. Points are applied to the sale value before Postage and Packaging and before VAT is applied. All prices are displayed including VAT but a breakdown is provided at checkout.

We have a high repeat custom rate so your points will keep on building up. You can either spend them on the website (You could get your order for free (postage is charged always. if you had enough points. You can also cash out your points once they hit 5,000 (£50). On request, we will then pay the balance direct into your bank account within 2 working days. We can do this via Paypal but you would be charged a 4% fee to do so.

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