Pick n Melt - your favourites scented wax - Wax Melt Pick n Mix
Pick n Melt – your favourite scented wax – Wax Melt Pick n Mix

We have spent a lot of time honing the design of our products. The packaging, the ingredients and the branding. But most important, the performance. Our wax melts have a fantastic scent throw and are very popular. See our reviews on Facebook. Our candles sell equally as well and are made with the same ingredients as our wax melts and wicked with the perfect wick for a clean long lasting burn.

If you are a shop owner, or a market stall/carboot trader and you are interested in selling our products please email us some information about you. Please include the location where you would like to sell our products and of course which products you are interested in selling.

You can view our full range of products here on our website.

Pick n Melt Wholesale Wax Melts & Scented Candles
We attended small local fair and table top sale raising money for Naomi House – November 2017