Designer Fragrance – 4 Candles

Just one of our designer fragrance Candle Sets.

4 Big Candles. Each candle is 90 grams each and burns for approximately 35 hours each.

The 4 candles come in their very own Pick n Melt glossy gift box.


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These designer fragrance scented candles make the perfect gift or the perfect treat. These are just 4 of our range of over 80 well known designer fragrances. The scent throw, both hot and cold is unrivaled.

Scents in this collection:

Black Opium | One Million | Alien | Joop

Pick n Melt Big Scented Candles

If at any time we do not have a scent in stock it will be replaced by an alternative relative to the package. If you would like to build a custom scented candle package please use The Ultimate Scented Wax Pick n Mix to pick your scents!

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