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Pick to suit your personality with personalised reed diffusers. Each personalisation hand drawn by our in house artist. Pick from our selection of colourful diffuser bottles, Pick your cap, Pick your reeds, Pick a sticker colour, Pick a font to guide the artist and then Pick your scent from over 500 gorgeous smells!! Each diffuser comes in a stylish white, orange striped box printed locally on sustainable card stock.

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So many combinations with Pick n Melt Luxury Scented Reed Diffusers! Pick to suit your personality! Have a diffuser already? Grab yourself some fresh reeds and a scent refill! 

The diffusers vary in size, thus the price difference. They have more scent in them.

100ml diffusers last between 4-8 weeks depending on how often you turn over your reeds which we recommend doing once a day if you remember! Turning them once a day will keep your scent distribution as even as possible. We find turning them at night time makes for a very pleasant smelling room in the morning; with a fresh nose too!

The coloured cube diffusers are 140ml this will last 6-12 weeks. The huge 200ml Amber diffuser bottle will last for 8-16 weeks.

Placing your diffuser, or any scented product, by the air flow intake of your home will ensure the most efficient way to distribute beautiful aroma around your home making it as cosy as can be.

The different coloured and shaped bottles for our luxury scented reed diffusers drift in an out of stock by mercy of the supply chain. If the colour is not in the list it is not currently available. We have more fonts coming soon!

Personalised Luxury Scented Reed Diffusers by Pick n Melt. Pick from our selection of colourful diffuser bottles, pick your cap, pick your reeds and then pick your scent from over 500!! Not only can you pick from all these options but you can also personalise the front. Pick a name/word, pick a font and then pick a colour of the decal. Each diffuser comes in a stylish white box printed locally on sustainable card stock.


All Pick n Melt products are hand poured using 100% natural and sustainable soy wax. We are an independent company based in Gosport and pride ourselves in creating high quality luxury products. We are fully insured and compliant with all related laws. Each of our wax products has a unique safety label which complies with EU CLP legislation and general UK Trading Standards. Please read the labels before using our products and ensure you use them responsibly. Keep out the reach of children and pets and take care to follow instructions provided when using products with a naked flame. If you have any questions about our products please visit our FAQ or do not hesitate to contact us via the websites contact form or via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Julia Stacey
I bought 4 reed diffusers from the Pick n Melt shop in Gosport. I have 2 in my house and my daughter has the other 2. All 4 have different scents and all 4 of them are amazing. They were a bit pricey for a diffuser given they are £5 in ASDA, but the quality is so much better and they actually really smell. Very happy. Will be back once you are open again for refills! Thanks very much xxx... Read more

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