Mums Hand Bag

Included Scents:  Anais Anais

Vapour Rub  |  Spearmint

Dove Gin & Tonic


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We all know that inside a women’s hand bag is a universe of its own! But the level of efficiency in a mum’s hand bag gives you everything one could ever need!

Scents included in this 5 wax melts set are: Anais Anais | Vapour Rub | Spearmint | Dove |  Gin & Tonic


We generally keep a good stock of all our fragrances. But sometimes we are forced to place them out of stock. If we do run out of stock of any of the listed scents we will add an alternative as close to the missing scent and style as possible.

Why should you use soy wax over parraffin wax?

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