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High strength, high quality fragranced perfumers alcohol. Perfect as a room spray or to freshen linen or clothes. In elegant frosted 100ml glass bottles with a metallic silver lid. You only need a couple of sprays!

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Pick n Melt Perfumers Scent Spray Mist bottles in frosted glass and a silver spray top with cap. They are made from top quality perfumers alcohol mixed with your picked fragrance. The ingredients we use are identical to those used by major perfume companies.

They produce a strong scent to instantly flip the atmosphere when sprayed and loiter for quite some time. The fragrance is mixed between 12% and 20% depending on the fragrance. So it has a kick to it.

Each bottle holds 100ml of the strong blend which will last you ages. You will be able to spray a single bottle literally 1000’s of times. You only need one or two sprays each time.


Can I use the spray on my skin?

Our sprays are made from identical ingredients to the worlds leading perfumers. We are not affiliated with them even though many of our scents are designed to be similar. Although the sprays are produced with the same ingredients as leading perfume, they have not been sent off, tested and labelled as such.


As well as a Perfumers Scent Spray Mist, have you picked your favourite scent as a reed diffuser? The scent spray is designed to disperse the perfume as a mist. Diffusers use a vegetable based oil to disperse the fragrance through the reeds. The sprays can act as a top up just before quests arrive.

All Pick n Melt products are hand poured using 100% natural and sustainable soy wax. We are an independent company based in Gosport and pride ourselves in creating high quality luxury products. We are fully insured and compliant with all related laws. Each of our wax products has a unique safety label which complies with EU CLP legislation and general UK Trading Standards. Please read the labels before using our products and ensure you use them responsibly. Keep out the reach of children and pets and take care to follow instructions provided when using products with a naked flame. If you have any questions about our products please visit our FAQ or do not hesitate to contact us via the websites contact form or via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Julia Stacey
Again, another great product. I bought diffusers, candles and an Alien spray. I use it as perfume. Its amazing! Can't believe how accurate it is! Thanks very much!
Jessica Spencer
Works great as perfume. Actually lasts longer than the actual perfume.
Wife loves them, bought 4. Will be back.

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