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Raw fragrance oil. Can be used with humidifiers, tealight burners or to make your own candles and wax melts.


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Pick n Melt’s pure fragrance oil pick n mix offers the same oils we use to make our own scented products. Bottled in tamper protection glass bottles. Each bottle contains 10ml of high quality fragrance oil. The oil is raw and undiluted. Perfect for home fragrance and crafting.

Our pure fragrance oil pick n mix gives you the opportunity to reinvigorate your wax melts! They can be used with water for humidifiers and tealight oil burners. and of course to make your own wax melts and candles with it, or you can simply add a few drops into your melted wax when the scent has burned off and bring it back to life again!

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Pure Fragrance Oil Pick n Mix with over 500 scents to pick from. Pick n Melt oils are undiluted, very powerful and with an unchallenged scent throw. We have enough choice to delightfully ensnare even the most cynical of noses. A couple of drops is all you need to fragrance your space using your distribution device of choice! You can use your picked oils with your electric scent humidifiers or in water on your tealight oil burner. Or you can even add the oils direct to wax in your wax burner to bring it back to life. We would not recommend using our oils direct on skin or clothing.

We wanted to offer the best oils possible so why wouldn’t we offer you the same oils we use? All 500 oils in our pure fragrance oil pick n mix use the same oils we use to make our wax melts, candles and diffusers so this way you know you will be getting the best quality. Each of our high quality fragrance oils is decanted into a 10ml glass bottle and fitted with an internal dropper cap and white lid.

Our fragrance oils are produced with a target to give you the perfect, long lasting scent throw. That is why we have the oils manufactured in the north of England, UK using both synthetic fragrance and natural essential oils. Our oils remain phthalate and paraben free.

Make sure to always keep our products out the reach of pets and children because we want to avoid accidents. All Pick n Melt products are, and will always be, cruelty free.

Click here to learn the difference between essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils.

All Pick n Melt fragrance oils are made from 100% pure fragrance oil. They are not diluted with any other oil. The oils are manufactured in the UK. Each pure fragrance oil bottle is labeled with a EU regulated CLP label. Please read the labels and familiarise yourself with the safety guidance before using our products. Pick n Melt fragrance oil can be used in oil burners and scent humidifiers.  They can also be used to make Candles, Wax Melts, Diffusers and a whole array of scented products.

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