12 Wax Melts

Scents included:

Cedarwood  |  Clean Cotton  |  Rock Salt & Driftwood  |  Peppermint & Eucalyptus  |  Lavender  |  Bergamot & Verbena  |  Sandalwood  |  Earl Grey & Cucumber  |  Ginseng  |  Green Tea & Lemongrass  |  Geranium  |  Himalayan Cedar & Jasmin


How many packs? 1


Kick your feet up and relax with our Relaxing Spa Wax Melts set. Sometimes escaping to the spa is simply impossible but that doesn’t mean you cant smother yourself in luxury!  We all know that all luxury starts with fragrance so we have selected 12 scents perfect for you to let your mind escape, even if your body cannot!

Sometimes we may be out of stock of certain scents whereby we will replace it with a similar alternative.

Click here to read about why you should use soy wax over paraffin wax.

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