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£11.99 per pack of 5 snap bars (50g per bar)

Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick! So instead you can try some of our pre picked Snap Packs! 5 pre picked snap bars. Pick from 8 packages which have been carefully put together by our team of wax melts experts! These highly scented bars are made from the same blend as all our other wax melts with the same amazing scent throw that you are used to! Each pack contains 5 bars weighing 50g each.

See product description for pack content descriptions and burn times.


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Wax Melt Snap Packs

50g per 5 segment snap bar. Each segment burns for 8-50 hours depending on your warmer. We recommend a Tealight burner for stronger and electric warmer for longer!

Pick n Melt Wax Melt Snap Packs make the perfect affordable gift and are also a way to fragrance your home without breaking the bank. Our quirky, socially distanced team pour all our products at our small workshop in Gosport. They pour to supply our store front and our online customer base. Our wax is an exclusive blend of GMO free, 100% natural soy wax. We use only high quality fragrance oil produced in the UK and load the snap bars with the maximum load that the wax will allow. We pack our wax melt snap bars in biodegradable bags.

Pick n Melt snap bar bags are made in the UK from PLA derived from vegetable starches (potato, sugar beet etc). Fully biodegradable and compostable means that they break down to CO2, H20 and biomass which can then be reused in the eco system to make new plants. This will happen either in home or commercial composting but in commercial composting the temperature will be higher and the process is much quicker. In a colder home composter it will just take longer. Our bags meet EN13432 Compostable film standards.

Which scents are in each pack?

Cake no Calories – Cherry Bakewell, Strudel n Spice, Banana Bread, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake

Clean n Fresh – Clean Cotton, Fresh Linen, Coastal Breeze, Fresh, Deep Sea Minerals

Cologne for Him – Creed, Sauvage, Boss, Joop, One Million

Flower Power – English Rose, Freesia, Lily Of the Valley, Peony, Honeysuckle

Fruit Frenzy – Apple, Orange, Banana, Lemon, Watermelon.

Funky Fusion – Cuban Tobacco Oak, Cucumber Wasabi, Cardamom Mimosa,  Starry Night, Vintage Bookstore

Perfume for Her – J’Adore, Lady Million, Black Opium, Original, Daisy

Sweet Shop – Rhubarb Custard, Pear Drops, Parma Violet, Bubblegum, Starburst

Wax Melt Burn times

Each snap bar breaks into 5 portions. Burn time and scent throw vary from scent to scent and depends on the type of burner or warmer you are using. Each portion should last between 6-10 hours in a small tealight burner or 8-15 hours in larger tealight burners. You should get around 25-50 hours burn time in a high quality electric wax warmer.

Snap off a section of your Pick n Melt snap bar. Place it on top of your ceramic wax burner. Light your Pick n Melt soy tealight and place it underneath the bowl of your burner. If using an electric warmer do not light a tealight, just switch it on! The soy wax will melt and release the fragrance in your room. *TIP* Place your warmer or burner in the beginning of your homes airflow to get the best scent throw. Do not add water or any other substances. Do not leave unattended and keep out the reach of children and pets.

Colours of wax melts may vary from images

Orders will arrive in brown or white postage boxes accompanied with a Pick n Melt pick n mix bag.

I have placed an order! I know they will smell amazing as I have been using you for 4 years now. You have always given me the best service and an amazing product. I love Pick n Melt. I have also tried some other brands (saying no names!) in between using yours and I don't just go back to using yours because of the great service and quality, but simply they are the best ones! I seem to go through more tealights with your melts than others. So I look forward to my order arriving. Glad to see you have come so far in the 4 years. You deserve it. Thank you. Lisa x... Read more
Nimah Saeed
These are SOOO strong! Oh my god. I have used pretty much all wax melt makers in the UK. None perform like this! My mates can smell them before I even open the front door! So good. I will be back without a doubt. The offer was great too! But even without they are still worth it because they last ages!... Read more
Dennis Millard
Quick delivery. Smell great. Many thanks.
These are awesome! So strong. I ordered one of every set! 40 snap bars! All of them smell amazing. Not one dud one like with most companies I have used before. I will definitley be back. I have been looking through the scent list! There are so many!!!

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