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Pick from 4 different sizes. Pick your package. Pick your scents!

  • Highly Scented Soy Wax
  • 100% recycled & recyclable pots
  • 100% Biodegradable bags
  • Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free
  • Hand Poured in Gosport, UK

Get more scents with Little Wax Melts or more wax with Big Wax Melts!

Please pick other options first!


**6 Snap Bars plus 6 Little wax melts include 6 Snap Bars which you pick and 6 Little wax melts that we pick.**


Pick n Melt® Wax Melts Pick n Mix offers a huge selection of quality scents in a variety of different sizes. You can either get more scents for your money with our signature Little Wax Melts or more wax for your money with our larger options.

Pick n Melt wax melt pots are exclusive to Pick n Melt both in shape and material.  We make them from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.


Pick n Melt snap bar bags are made in the UK using PLA derived from vegetable starches (potato, sugar beet etc.) Each bag is fully biodegradable and compostable which means that it breaks down to CO2, H20 and biomass which can then be reused in the eco system to make new plants. That process will happen either in home or commercial composting but in commercial composting the temperature will be much higher and the process therefore much quicker. In a colder home composter it will just take longer. So you simply dispose of these in your normal waste disposal.

Little Wax Melts

Net wax weight: 12g
Portions: 1 x 12g
Wax Melt Size: 3cm x 3cm x 1.5cm
Packaging: 100% Recycled Plastic
Total Burn times:
Electric Wax Warmer: 24-50 hours
Small Burners: 6-12 hours
Average Burner: 8-15 hours

Snap Bar Wax Melts

Net wax weight: 50g
Portions: 5 x 10g
Wax Melt Size: 10cm x 4cm x 1cm
Packaging: Biodegradable Glassine
Total Burn times:
Electric Wax Warmer: 125-250 hours
Small Burners: 25-50 hours
Average Burner: 40-75 hours

Medium Wax Melts

Net wax weight: 72g
Portions: 6 x 12g
Wax Melt Size: 6cm x 9cm x 1.5cm
Packaging: 100% Recycled Plastic
Total Burn times:
Electric Wax Warmer: 150-300 hours
Small Burners: 36-72 hours
Average Burner: 48-90 hours

Big Wax Melts

Net wax weight: 145g
Portions: 12 x 12g
Wax Melt Size: 12cm x 15cm x 1.5cm
Packaging: 100% Recycled Plastic
Total Burn times:
Electric Wax Warmer: 300-600 hours
Small Burners: 72-144 hours
Average Burner: 96-180 hours

Enjoy getting lost in the Pick n Melt Wax Melts Pick n Mix. Make sure to check out our wax burners and wax warmers!

All Pick n Melt scented products are made using 100% natural, eco friendly soy wax.

All Pick n Melt soy wax products are hand poured using 100% natural and sustainable, responsibly sourced soy wax. We are an independent company based in Gosport and pride ourselves in creating high quality luxury products. We do not cut corners and make sure our products are strong and long lasting. We are fully insured and compliant with all related laws. Each of our wax products has a unique safety label which complies with EU CLP legislation and general UK Trading Standards. Please read the labels before using our products and ensure you use them responsibly. Keep out the reach of children and pets and take care to follow instructions provided when using products with a naked flame. If you have any questions about our products please visit our FAQ or do not hesitate to contact using the link to the left of the website.
I ordered 45 little wax melts and can’t believe that every single one of them smells amazing! I already have my bag half full!! Ginseng?? Smells so good! Love the recycled pots too. X
I bought the lavender candle at Southampton's Christmas Market last year and absolutely loved it, it smelt so much nicer than any other candle brand I've tried. I've just ordered a selection of Christmas scented candles for this year and I'm really excited to sample them! :)... Read more
I’ve ordered a few times from here now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my wax melts. All smell amazing and I highly recommend ?
I won’t buy my melts from anywhere else-I always but a large selection from the pick n mix-love being able to switch my smells so frequently-just wish I was closer to the actual shop (although my bank balance is rather pleased!) x
Danny Andre
Best wax melts out there! Guaranteed!
Clare Jacques
I love the fact this business actually puts people and in my case rescue animals first. I ordered a box of wax melts. Unfortunately they were lost in the post. Not only did Helen replaced my order she gave me a box to auction off for a cat/dog rescue I volunteer with. They now have my business for life ???. PS. Also love the fact their packaging is recyclable.... Read more
Lesely Savage
Lord oh lord! My whole house smells of 1995 body shop! Every single wax melts smells amazing and lasts for ages! So glad I found you.
Alison Taylor
I received these wax melts and electric lamp burner for Christmas and I'm chuffed to bits with it/them. I rarely write reviews for anything but I just had to to say these wax melts smell fantastic. I will definitely buy some more and I'm lucky enough to live close to the shop, so I can take my time choosing them.... Read more
I've ordered my wax melts here a few times now and can honestly say that they smell as described. I had an advent calendar as well this year and again it was gorgeous. Keep up the good work team, I'll be back for more soon. Hopefully I can come to the shop for a visit again too.... Read more
Bought 2 alien wax Melts and the hymalayn wax burner for family members for christmas the wax Melts smelt amazing and the wax burner looks stunning Will be making future purchases
Jenny Wynne
These are definitely the best melts out there. Everyone claims to be the best but none perform like these. Seriously! Try them.
Love my waxes. Hubby bought me 8 big ones for Xmas. Best I have ever used by far and I used loads of brands!
Sam richards
Love pick and melt. Been with u since 2016! Loyal customer xx
Amazing , such deep and wonderful fragrances and so many to pick from. Such thought has gone into these products in a massive fan and now only use pick n melt . I like the fact you can try the small size then when you find a favourite order a massive giant tub that's lasts forever. Well done pick n melt I hope all your hard work is paying off.... Read more
Charlee Bradbury
The wax melts are amazing,they all travel around my whole flat! Love them!
Amzing Melts
John Davidson
Missus absolutley loves them. So much I just noticed another order on my Paypal! Keeps her happy!
jacey R
Sistser well happy with these thnx
Aaron Wellen
Big melts are huge! Good price.
Helena Strachen
Can't fault these little beauts! Lemongrass Ginger is astonishing! Love my anais anais and the freebies were appreciated. Thanks a lot Pick n Melt. Will be back for more for certain. H x
Thanks for really quick delivery! It arrived the morning after I ordered!
Adam Wells.
These are so strong! Get the larger ones. Such good value for money. Great product. Thank you
These are incredibly strong. I used to buy Yankee Wax tarts from my local garden centre. I am impressed with Pick n Melt. They blew the yankee melts out of the water, no question. I will certainly be coming back for more in the future. Thank you for your great service.... Read more
So good!
The absolute best wax melts!
Love my pick n mix wax melts!

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