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Walk The Plank Sculpture

250 miles from the bank of Salford Quays to the bank of the Thames in Woolwich for the latest Walk The Plank sculpture!

We have not really focused on our blog since our new website launched. Mostly as we have been mega busy but also as we were not sure what to actually blog about! I mean we are candle makers, not bloggers! What do we write about? Another sales pitch? Buy our stuff!!! 

However, recently we received an order from, what we consider, a very prestigious arts company ‘Walk The Plank’ based in Salford. Given our past careers in music and theatre we not only have great appreciation for art of any kind, but we also have a fond connection to Salford. The Lowry Theatre for starters, having toured through it a couple of times, not to mention The Palace Theatre, The Opera House and The Exchange in Manchester, just down the road. Dave also once spent a couple of nights in a hotel near Marina’s Canal on Salford Quays too, whilst managing Rik Mayall on a Radio Promo tour. That was an experience like no other! Maybe another blog perhaps?

Walk the plank ordered a batch of our natural coconut wax Tealights which were used for their latest installation The Reflection Garden in London for an event next to the Woolwich ferry. We think it looks absolutely awesome! The audience members added tealights when they walked into the sculpture. You can read more about the installation and event here.

We are very proud to have been part of the event and urge you give ‘Walk The Plank’ a follow on their social media channels to learn about future events and installations!

The Reflections Garden. A sculpture by Walk The Plank.

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