What are wax melts?

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Wax Melts and Wax Tarts. What are they and what’s all the fuss? Everybody knows what scented candles are and everybody knows what an oil burner is.

Pick n Melt - The ultimate wax melt pick n mix

Oil Burner

You put your fragrance oil in the burner (This could be an essential oil or a purpose made fragrance oil), top it up with some water, pop your tealight underneath and before long your room smells of your chosen scent. Delicious. But before long your nose catches a wiff of burning! Oh **** the water has ran out and your oil burner has started to burn the oil. The room is full of a nasty smelling smoke. So you quickly run to the kitchen and grab a cup of water. Pour a little water in the top of the oil burner. But as you are in a slight panic trying to stop the house burning down or stop choking on the ghastly fumes, you pour a little too much and it spills over the edge. But all is good as the smoke has stopped. You add a little more fragrance oil. Perfect. Until your oil burner drys out once again! But this time quicker as the oil burner is hotter, so the water evaporates quicker!


Wax Warmer

This is where the wax warmer comes in! Instead of water and fragrance oil you use wax and fragrance oil. The wax is already fragrance. You simply pop it in the top of your warmer, pop under the tealight and leave the wax to melt. Before you know it, your room smells lovely. The difference is that the wax will never evaporate and thus the warmer will never smoke. When the fragrance is all gone you simply remove the wax and add some fresh wax. You can even use an electric wax warmer so there is no need for tealights, making it much safer and something you can forget about whilst leaving your home smell amazing!

Pick n Melt Tea-light Wax Warmer

Wax Melts

Pick ‘n’ Melt offer wax melts and scented candles. We have over 350 different scents to choose from. The perfect scent for every occasion. We provide the wax melts in square sealed tubs to seal in the delicious scent. We also have large boxes of our original mini cube wax melts.


You can see our full range of wax melts here and our scented candle here.

6 responses to “What are wax melts?”

  1. Got my melts through the other day. Scents are extraordinary and definitely smell like the ones I chose. I’ll be using the company again.

  2. Absolutely love my wax melts they are the best and longest lasting I’ve found! Made perfect gifts and my sister is obsessed with snow angel! Would love if you did a Zoflora/ Fabric Conditioner Range too! Xx

  3. I love your products. I bought wax melts and little candles. They smell wonderful. I chose Christmasy scents and they are very evocative. I have told all my friends about them. The Apple and Cinnamon is my favourite so far.

    I wondered whether you can re-use the empty containers? Being local, I could easily return them if you would like them.

    Good luck with your fantastic enterprise.

  4. Saw this stall at the Southampton Christmas markets and I loved it that much that I have been there 3 times now, taking back different people each time!! Such a lovely lady on the stall and the candles/wax melts smell amazing!! Also love my new car air freshener, my car smells like rhubarb and custard!! It’s the best!!

  5. Went to the lovely stall in Southampton today and bought 3 gorgeous smelling candles, the lady on the stall was so nice and couldn’t do enough to help us!!

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