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Wax Melts and Scented Candles from Pick ‘n’ Melt ®

The ultimate scented wax Pick ‘n’ Mix. There are over 350 scents to choose from. Whether you like a floral or fruity scent, the smell of grandmas cooking or the scent of delicately blended perfumes, we have something for you. All our scents have been designed by home fragrance experts and aromatherapists. We use essential oils or high quality, paraben free candle fragrance oils to bring you the very best home fragrance products.


All of our scents are available as Wax Melts or Scented Candles which are all made from natural, sustainable vegetable soy wax. Our products are all vegan friendly and hand poured on The Solent, Hampshire, England. We offer our own branded Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Warmer and a range of creative ways to buy our products at a discounted rate. Take a look at our Recipe Bundles, Special Offers and our 4 Candles? Offer to buy luxury scented candles at just £7 each.


Why not join the Pick ‘n’ Melt Party? A selection of wax melts sent directly to your door every month! You can manage your scent choices in your user account.

Wax Melts and Scented Candles from Pick 'n' Melt ®