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Pick n Melt started in our Gosport kitchen. Not even a big one! A tiny kitchen! Both Dave and I worked around the clock investing everything we had into the business, both financially and with maximum effort. Dave is the creative one. He designs the branding and websites leading with product development which we both do together. I lead production and sales. I love to do a market!

Since starting in 2015 we have come so far. We have opened an actual physical shop in Gosport which is where we make all our products too. Our kitchen is ours once again! From crazy piles of different scents and sizes to an organised stock system where we manage over 12,000 variations. We have a core team of 9 people behind running Pick n Melt. Plus the endless contractors that have contributed.

Our business has grown as a consequence of dedication in relentlessly pursing the art of producing high quality products at an affordable price. We started with wax melts and have slowly expanded to offer luxury candles, budget candlesreed diffusers, diffuser refills and now we offer pure fragrance oils and a large range of humidifiers, burners and warmers. We also offer a range of unscented natural candles. Soy Tealights, Coconut Wax Tealights and our Soy Pillar Candles. Now we are focusing on developing our personalised range.

Pick n Melt has a loyal and very much appreciated return customer base whom without we wouldn’t be writing this.

We hope you enjoy your experience with Pick n Melt. We are always hands on and love to hear your feedback. In fact, without your feedback we are punching in the dark which is why you can always contact me directly with any questions, queries or complaints. helen @

Helen 🙂



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