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Please use the form to contact us.

Before submitting the form, to save time and perhaps give you an instant answer, please check to see if there is an answer to your question below. There are more questions and answers in our FAQ.

If you are looking for information on our products, we have tried to ensure there is as much information as possible in the product descriptions, in drop down boxes the same as these! If you need information not included, please use the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Usually within a few hours, if not straight away.

Yes! We do offer wholesale. You simply need to click on the wholesale link in the main navigation, above, and apply for an account. There are no tight stipulations to become a wholesale customer other than submitting accurate information about you and your business. Our minimum first order is £100 (ex VAT) and then £50 (ex VAT) thereafter.

We welcome enquiries from bloggers and influencers to offer services or suggest a collaboration. For blogger sales pitches you should provide links to your blog, social media pages and a link to a blogger pack which details your stats, prices and examples of how working with you could be effective for our brand and business. We love to see work with past clients. A contact and reference with your permission to make contact will also take you a long way!

If you are a new blogger or influencer looking to collaborate to build a profile, here are our policies for working with new influencers and blogges:

1. We do not send out free product. You must buy your product and post about us of your own free will. We comment and share all content posted about us.. If you post an Instagram story, we will add it to our story. If we like your vibe and your posts attract interest to our business, you will instantly become of value to us and will be contacted for future work whereby you will not only recieve free goodies, but also payment to post about them.

Unfortunatley we are contacted, sometimes multiple times per day, with requests for free product in return for posting on social media. We are a business and simply cannot oblige all requests and so to be fair to all we oblige none.

2. We generally do not work with bloggers and influencers who do not have an actual searchable blog. Like or . We do not work with instagram influencers whose only platform is Instagram. You must be active across multple platforms and maintain them with the same passion we would expect you to invest in working with us. If you think your social media platform is an exception please do get in touch. We are open minded.

We are genuinley interested in true lifestyle bloggers who take their work seriously. If you are that person, we will see it so please do work your magic.

We recieve 3-4 requests each day, just on Facebook alone! We do care and we do donate to charity, but we only donate locally. We simply cannot donate to all that request.

We offer our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones. We offer our sympathy for those with plights that sometimes bring tears to our eyes. We offer our positve thoughts and best wishes to those taking on feats that would make others crawl into a cave and hide away. We hope you raise lots of money!

If you are local to our shop, please pop in and drop off information for us to consider your fund raising effort. We cannot promise to support you all, but we will do our best where we can.

If your package value is under £20 in value, your package will be sent 2nd Class Royal Mail. These packages are not tracked. By the terms set out by Royal Mail, they allow 10 working days for delivery. If it has not been delivered, we post a claim with Royal Mail, against the delivery address and then resend your order. To notify us of a lost package please use the form below, but please allow 10 working days past when you recieved your despatch email.

If your package is valued over £20 it will have a tracking number. This tracking number will have been sent with your despatch email and will also be registered in your account. Please click on My Account > My Orders > Track my order. The 10 working day also applies here. If it has passed 10 days since you recieved your despatch email, please use the form below to let us know.

If your order is valued over £50 or weighs over 4kg it will have been sent on a Next Day by DHL. You should recieve a text or email from DHL to track your package as well as your Pick n Melt despatch email. If you have not recieved your parcel within 48 hours of recieving your desptch email please use the form below to let us know.

We take instant action resolving undelivered items issues. It is rare, but it does happen.

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