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Baby Powder Bathbomb Colourburst Creamer

Have yourself a fun and relaxing bath time with out range of unique Colourburst Creamer Bathbombs!

  • Handmade in Eastleigh
  • Creamy and Moisturising
  • Amazing colourburst effect
  • Pick from 30 different flavours

Pick any 3 Round Bathbombs for £12. Mix n Match with our Pure Oils, Scent Sprays and Massage Soaps. Any 3 for £12.

Pick any 3 Speciality Bathbombs for £15. Mix n Match with our Soap Sponges and Big Jar Candles. Any 3 for £15.


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Baby Powder Bathbomb Colourburst Creamer

Pick n Melt Bathbombs are a cut above the rest! Our Colourburst Creamers are in a different league than your average bathbomb. A little smaller than your average, boring bath bomb, but with an effect in the bath like no other. Enjoy the initial creamy scented fizz of your chosen fragrance and then prepare yourself for the colourburst rainbow to fill your bath making your bathing experience fun and colourful.

Pick n Melt Baby Powder Bathbomb Colourburst Creamers are made with a delicate balance of ingredients that will leave your skin soft and moisturised along with smelling fresh for ages! The bicarbonate sodium has many positive medical uses. Soaking your skin in it will make your skin smoother and can even clear up blemishes and more.

And if you are only having a short bath, why not try our mini bath fizzers where you can get 4 for £1!


Safety Information

All Pick n Melt Bathbombs are designed and crafted by cosmetic professionals and handmade in our Eastleigh workshop in Hampshire, UK. All Pick n Melt Bathbombs are tested to be safe for cosmetic use by a certified UK testing agency and registered on the UK Portal of OPSS.

Please read the labels before use, which contain all ingredients used to make our products.



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