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Mosaic Glass Plugin Wax Warmer

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Mosaic Glass Plugin Wax Warmer to plug into a Kitchen side or bedside wall socket and is perfect to burn your Pick n Mix Pick n Melt wax melts!



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Mosaic Glass Plugin Wax Warmer to plug into a Kitchen side or bedside wall socket and is perfect to burn your Pick n Mix Pick n Melt wax melts!

The warmer comes with a removable and replaceable bowl or you might want a few bowls to enable you to swap scents without replacing your wax melts!

This warmer is 12cm tall and 8cm wide.

This warmer is compatible with Pick n Melt wax melts

It is also compatible with pure oils but you must NOT use water. You can top up your wax melts with a few drops of oil. Or you could start with an unscented tealight and add an oil of your choice.

How long do wax melts last in this warmer?

Our Little Wax Melts last for 24 to 50 hours in this the Mosaic Glass Plugin Wax Warmer as with most electric wax warmers. This is based on use of a 25w G9 bulb or an electronic hotplate. Each scent is very different so the length and strength varies. Tealight burners are great for a quick sharp blast if you want to make the house smell strong quickly, but your scent wouldn’t last as long, reducing to 8-15 hours per 12g wax melt or portion. Electric Wax Warmers will get the best value from your wax melts.

To get the best from your wax burner or warmer make sure to position it close to where air comes into the room rather than where it goes out. This can be true for the whole residence. Find where the air comes in and it will carry the scent right the way through to where it is vented filling the house at the same time. Use your wax warmers and burners for no more than 4 hours at a time. This will not only give you the best life of an electric warmer or save on tealights, but also allow your nose to reset. That means when you turn your warmer back on you will enjoy a fresh scent and your wax melts will last for much much longer. If you use an electric warmer you can use a plug timer.

How to change your wax melt

There are various ways you can change the wax in your burner or warmer. You can do it whilst cold or warm. To do it cold, crack the wax with a tea spoon. The wax should crack all the way through and you should be able to easily remove it and dispose of it in the bin. You can also turn on your warmer and allow the bowl to warm a little. You should then be able to simple tip the wax into the bin pretty much solid just slippery underneath. NEVER pour hot wax down the sink. It will eventually block your sink.

Safety Information

Please use your electric wax warmer safely. Please read the instructions before using.

To clean out your Pick n Melt soy wax melts you can either slightly warm the wax and wipe it out with a piece of kitchen paper. Or you can place the bowl in the freezer for a short while which will shrink the wax whereby it will pop out whole. You can reuse the wax by adding pure fragrance oil or swap it out for a new wax melt.


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