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Pick n Melt Gift Vouchers

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Pick n Melt Gift Vouchers save you trying to pick for someone else. The majority of our customers tell us that a big part of using our products is the exciting experience of picking their scents from our huge range of over 500! So to send a gift voucher means that the recipient of your gift, not only has the joy of receiving your generous gift, but they also then can either visit our store and enjoy the experience of picking their own! If they are not local to the store they can use our awesome pick n mix!  to pick their scents, or they might want to use their Pick n Melt Gift Vouchers to order from our unscented range or perhaps use it towards one of our burners, warmers or humidifiers!

The vouchers are available in £5, £10 and £20 increments and you can order a Free Delivery voucher

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