Cube Melts™ 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cubes of scented wax.

250 different scents enabling billions of combinations.

Scented Wax Melts Pick n Mix
Probably the smallest wax melts in the world! Perfect to ensure that once you find your perfect scent, you can replicate it over & over exactly the same. The ultimate Soy Wax Melts Pick ‘n’ Mix

Small:  6 Cube Melts in a small bag (10p per cube)
Medium:  24 Cube Melts in a bag (8p per cube)
Large:  140 Cube Melts in a Pick ’n’ Melt tin (5p per cube)

How to use our wax Cube Melts

We recommend using 6 wax Cube Melts for a small room or for a lighter aroma and 6-12 wax Cube Melts for common sized rooms (or for a lighter scent in a larger, perhaps open plan space). But if you like your home fragrance really potent or you are using the melts in a larger open plan space, you can use between 20 – 30 cubes. Our Medium Cube Melts give you 24 cube wax melts. But be careful not to over do it, as our wax Cube Melts can really pack a punch! The burn time and fragrance strength depends on many factors. Which scent, how many cubes, what type of warmer and ultimately the location in which the wax melts are being warmed. From our tests using 12 Cube Melts (2 small packs) in an electric warmer in a standard size room (3m x 4m x 2.5m high), the average burn time is around 10-12 hours (average across our entire range of 250 scents) with a comfortable fragrance, not weak and not overpowering. But again, it can vary greatly depending on the scent you are burning. Some scents are designed to be subtle rather than over-powering. Musky scents are generally more potent than citrus type scents. Our wax Cube Melts are not necessarily designed for strength of fragrance per cube (although some scents are very powerful in small amounts!) but for methodical, repeatable fragrance mixology. We’d love to hear what delicious combinations you create! Find us on Facebook and let us know what you combinations are your favourite! Don’t forget to order your very own Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Warmer!


Order a large tin of your favourite scent & buy small bags of other flavours to mix with it. See our Recipe Bundles for some inspiration.