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Golden Orchid
6ml Diffuser Refill

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Scents from the High Street.


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Golden Orchid 6ml Diffuser Refill from Pick n Melt.. Pick n mix for grown ups!


Golden Orchid

Scents from the High Street.

Pick from over 500 scents in the ultimate diffuser refill pick n mix!

Refresh the aroma of your diffuser with a luxury diffuser scent refill. Perfect for those who already have a reed or travel diffuser. If you are going to refill using a different scent, it maybe a good idea to pick up some fresh new reeds too. You can pick from 4 different colours of reed by clicking here.

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We ensure that all our oils are phthalate and paraben free. We do not test on animals.

Pick n Melt pure oils are the very fragrance oils we use to make all of our scented products, including our diffuser refills. We source our oil from a leading UK factory and we do not dilute them… if our wax melts and candles smell as they do… image how strong our oils are!

Golden Orchid 6ml Diffuser Refill from Pick n Melt.. Pick n mix for grown ups!

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