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Velvet Rose Oud
400g Carpet Freshener

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Scents from the High Street.


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Velvet Rose Oud 400g Carpet Freshener from Pick n Melt.. Pick n mix for grown ups!


Velvet Rose Oud

Scents from the High Street.

Pick from over 500 scents in the ultimate carpet freshener pick n mix!

Carpet Freshener

Each carpet freshener pack contains 400g. You can use it to freshen up all carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and even fabric car interiors. Simply sprinkle over your carpet, either directly from the bag, through a sieve or pop your powder into an empty shaker bottle.

Size: 400g


Sprinkle a thin layer on carpets, rugs or mattress. Or anything made of fabric. Leave for a short while and then vacuum it up! If you have real bad odours.. maybe a dog, or even a loved one! Lay a slightly thicker layer and leave it down for a longer. The carpert freshener contains bicarbonate soda which acts as a deoderiser by neaturalising the acid with the source of the odour. Make sure to evacuate all children and pets from the room before application. Wait until after hoovering before allowing them back into the room.

This product is not suitable for use on wet carpets, the product may become lumpy and possibly clog up your vacuum. People suffering from perfume sensitivity or asthma should be cautious when using this product. If breathing is affected move to fresh air. If persists seek medical attention. Not for consumption. If ingested seek medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Use for intended purposes only.

We ensure that all our fragrance is phthalate and paraben free. We do not test on animals.

Velvet Rose Oud 400g Carpet Freshener from Pick n Melt.. Pick n mix for grown ups!

Safety Information


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