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Published on: May 21, 2023

Does this sound familiar?..

You open your beautiful gift and it is a lovely candle. Yes! You love candles! (who doesn’t?!) It smells amazing when you smell it straight from the box! You just can’t wait to light it! The anticipation is unbearable. You wait for that perfect relaxing moment, find out your long candle matches you have been keeping aside for this perfect moment. The sound of the striking match before joining the flame to the wick. The candles is alight and it looks glorious. Now just a short wait until the burn pool forms and the gorgeous fragrance fills the room…

… but there is no fragrance? The flame has halved in size. There is lots of wax around the outside of the glass. You scrape the wax from the sides and… it’s drowns the flame! The candle has become a messy nightmare!

This is why we offer our Candle Burn Quality Guarantee

We have had this experience too. It is one of the main reasons that we started Pick n Melt and is also why our Candle Burn Quality Guarantee comes with all candles whether our Jar and Tin Candles or our Luxury Candle range, regardless of the size or scent. We know our candles work well because we test them ALL! We never send out a candle unless it meets our strict quality checks which we have developed over years of making. And believe us when we say we learned lots of hard lessons over the years! Candle making is an art which is refined with experience.

Our candle workshop is quite something. We have a range of 9 different soy wax blends that we use to make our candles. We have over 70 different wick types to account for all the different sizes and behaviour of each of our high quality fragrance oils. They all burn very differently.

  1. Your candle will burn all the way down to the bottom leaving minimal amounts of wax. It will never burn all the wax and is not meant to.
  2. Your candle will NEVER tunnel
  3. Your candle will produce an adequate scent throw for it’s size.

If you do not feel your candle meets these standards we want to know about it!

Our candles are poured with 100% soy wax by our quirky team in Gosport, UK.


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