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Published on: December 7, 2023

After many years working on the market there is one person who has become a very close friend and comrade on the local market circuit. Chris Brunner.

Now… Chris is not only an amazing photographer, but he does it hanging out of helicopters. Then he makes the images he produces into Jigsaw puzzles! He then tours the local market circuit in the south near the locations of his photography, selling his Jigsaws at his market stall. But wait… that is not just it… Not only does he do all this amazing stuff that most would never dare to do… He does it all only with 1 hand! A fact that never ceases to amaze me. It certainly keeps things in perspective for me.

He is always kind to me at markets. Always helps me, as I do him. There are not many people like Chris. It is a real pleasure to know him.

As such, I would highly recommend that you visit his website, follow him on social media and definitely consider his awesome jigsaws as a gift for someone special.

Thank you for everything you do, Chris!

Helen 🧡

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