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Published on: August 13, 2023

Do Wax Melts Evaporate?

Wax melts are a really efficient and fun way to introduce fragrance into your home but do wax melts evaporate?

So let’s dive into the science behind wax melting…


Why don’t wax melts evaporate like candles do?

Well… when you burn a candle, the wax doesn’t evaporate. It combusts with the flame and turns to gas. But with wax melts it is very different because the wax melts are wickless. You do not light them. You either light a tea light under your burner or use the wax melts in an electric warmer.

So the wax melts never come into direct contact with a naked flame and so cannot combust, the wax does not get hot enough to combust and only the scent from the fragrance oil is released which has a lower flash point  than the wax.

If the wax doesn’t evaporate then… when should I change my wax melt?

When warming your wax melt you may notice a clear vapour rising from the top of a wax melt. The clear vapour is the fragrance being released and dispersed around the room. When this clear vapour has stopped and you can no longer smell your picked aroma, it is time to either clean out your warmer or burner and use a fresh wax melt or top up your pool of wax with some drops of our pure fragrance oil. This way your burner is working like oil and water, but where water evaporates and leaves oil burning, the wax does not and so you get to use your wax over and over again adding only a few drops of fragrance oil to revitalise it.

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