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Published on: August 13, 2023

Our First Shop in Gosport


Our job is easy to define. To provide nasal delights that make you go “Ahhhh… yeahhhh! Wowwww. Smell that!!!” This is pretty much all we hear! All day! That is why we love our shop and why we worked so hard to open it, and then keep it open!

We knew we needed to get the business out of the house (That still hasn’t worked completely by the way). So we took on a small shop not far from where we live. 6 months before the first lock down! Just as we got started, we were closed down. It was not fun. But then the time wasn’t fun for most of us.

We fought back and started back again and then we were closed down for a 2nd time. At the beginning of the busiest week of the year too, so we lost a lot of money.

But we are not easily beat! We were to rise again! Through thousands of business’ closing across the country. Many locally, some we knew. We lived through a crazy wave of uncertainty. To keep us sane, we just focused on the quality of our products as that was the only thing in our control.

The People

Our locale isn’t in a busy place, although it has it’s traffic. Given our position on a peninsular, our radius of potential customers is mostly sea! So we rely on the local populous to keep the shop going. Although we have had many people travel afar to come and spend time in our library of 500 scents. It is quite the experience. You should definitely try it if you have not! But then we would say that.

Over the 4 years of being here, we have come to know an interesting bunch of return customers. Some have become our friends too. We always find it interesting talking to different people.

Professionally, we have learned so much. We have collected some amazing reviews which have been very flattering and motivated us to push to do more.

We learned about people and why they like certain things and why they don’t. It really has been an education.

We are looking forward to the future and thank you all for helping us create it.


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